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PHP programming language has been listed among the first 3 most popular and widly used computer programming languages in the world. A Programming language is considered to be one that compiles or interprets on its own using its own independent engine and not dependent on a third party engine or programming language. As per the latest survey of TIOBE programming index ,PHP is amongst the most widly used language. Owing to its simplicity, developer friendly and fantastic performance the language by itself qalifies to be the best.The support of Frmeworks like CakePHP,Zend,Codeigniter,Symfony, provides a systematic approach towards a development of websites and other web applications. Emergence of PHP company like Zend has also made a big impact on the language progress.

I personally believe that PHP would soon lead among the web development platforms and web programming language. Its compatibilty with database systems, Its support for object oriented language, and so latestdevelopment of design patterns makes it amongst the contenders to languages like JAVA  and C.

As per the extracts taken from the TIOBE blog, What makes PHP’s number 3 position remarkable is that the numbers 1 and 2 are very much general purpose languages. Java and C are pretty much used from anywhere from low level processes to desktop applications. An extension of PHP called PHP GTK makes you to run php as a desktop applications.

This proves us the point that PHP is not gona die so soon and will emerge more and more .


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  1. C# now rules the programming world.

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