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Magento has emerged to be one of the most widely used open source ecommerce solutions for online merchants all over the world. So, I thought of having a try at. Installation worked fine. Make note,  magento compulsarily requires CURL library be installed. Finally managed to get Magento installed. But not later I realised a problem with magento when I tried logging in to the admin section with firefox browser. This login form was not working. hmm. that looked very stranage. It was clear in my mind that this was obviousy not a username or password error but something related to sessions or cookies. I was a stranger to magento. No idea of how the sructure is and no idea of the file system.What were next help? obvious google. googling googling took me to a number of forums and articles and finally I managaed to get a hold of it. The problem roots to the storing of cookies in firefox. when tried on localhost te system does not recognize localhost as a proper address and hence does not save the cookies in browser folders. The follwing code thus help in fixing the issue and I found it to be sure shot solution rather that paying with browser cookies settings.

-Go to the  app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php file within your magento directory.

-track the following code in the file,


-And Replace above code by the folliwng one,


Now try logging in to your admin and it would work wonders.



  1. An easier way that doesn’t require you to change core code files is add a domain to your hosts file that points to localhost.


    If you then install Magento on you should be able to login just fine.

    • Yes. This one also a very good suggestion. Thanks for ur comments.

  2. absolutely, that is the right way to handle it , host fix, like Never never touch core files! beware magento comes up with newer versions every now and then ;), but magento is beauty..

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