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Welcome to memohnish. The blog intends to impart the technical knowledge to the in need internet users and the techi guys. The author has taken enough precautions that no prortion of the memohnish is carbon copied from the foreign resources such as technical blogs and websites. All measures are taken to maintain the authenticity.

Now lets meet the author.

Hi. I am mohnish Ghodekar, An indian by origin hailing from a beautiful state Goa.I am a web developer by profession and an IT Engineer. I always had the intentions to own a technical blog , because i always felt that every technical person or a student have difficulties some time or the other. and he /she wastes all of his time searching for the fixes in books and magazines. Since the evolution of the internet these problems are solved to a huge extent. The blogs includes most of the difficulties I face while handling the tasks.

Hope you All like it and extend your great support to me.


One Comment

  1. Hi Mohnish,
    Im a newb to this industry, would like to know how is it like to work in Goa, kinda want to know a dya in the life of webdeveloper in goa.

    Thanks and regards

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